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first cloned animals

Hans Dreisch seperated cells from two-celled sea urchin blastomers mechanically. Each cell grew independently and formed a separate, whole sea urchin clone.


Hans Speman (1935 Nobel Prize in medicine) conducted the first nuclear transfer experiment by splitting a two-celled salamander embryo into seperate cells. Each cell developed into a salamander.

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Herbert Webber (US Dept. Agriculture) coined the word "clon".


Hans Spemann performed the first nuclear transfer experiment using salamander embryos.



Robert Briggs and Thomas King used nuclear transfer technology to clone frogs from adult donor cells.



J.B.S. Haldane is credited to have coined the term " clone ".

Tong Dizhou created the first cloned fish (asian carp)



by inserting Asian carp DNA into a European crucian carp, Tong Dizhou created the first interspecies clone



Steen Willadsen (British Agricultural Research Council) cloned a sheep via nuclear transfer technology (first confirmed case of mammalian cloning)



Steen Willadsen ( Grenada Genetics), cloned a cow using differentiated cells

Neal First, Randal Prather, and Willard Eyestone (University of Wisconsin) cloned a cow from embryonic cells



Megan & Morag:
July 1995 Scottish scientists clone the sheeps Megan and Morag from differentiated embryo cells.



The first mammal was cloned from a cell of an adult animal. Ian Wilmut (Roslin Institute) created the sheep Dolly .



Neti and Ditto: two Rhesus monkeys were cloned by nuclear transfer at Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. Neti stands for "nuclear embryo transfer infant".

Polly: the first genetically engineered cloned sheep

Gene: the first cloned cow from a fetal cell (Infigen, Inc.)

Cumulina: the first mouse cloned from adult cells (University of Hawaii Medical School)

ABS Global, Inc. cloned the first calf (Holstein)



Noto & Kaga: first cloned cows from adult cells ((Ishikawa Prefectural Livestock Research Center)

Mira: first cloned goat from embryonic cells (Tufts University, Genzyme Transgenics Corporation)



A Chinese scientist claimed to have cloned a human embryo to the stage where stem cells could be harvested and then cultured.



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