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the "long" way to modern biotechnology:

a short timeline

ancient biotechnology  

Ancient biotechnology dates back to the neolithic period (beginning about 10,000 BC). This period is characterized by the transition of human hunter-gatherer to farmers. The human settlement led to progressive changes in human behavior and technical abilities (neolithic revolution). Accidently discovered, natural phenomena like fermentation led to the production of alcoholic beverages, bread, cheese or yogurt. The increasing food demand could be satisfied by domestication of animals and progress in plant breeding.

the advent of biology   The invention of the microscope opened the way to the cellular and subcellular universe and led to a deeper understanding of the principles of life.
the dawn of biochemistry   With the beginning of the 20th century scientists began to explore the basic principles of life on the molecular basis. Metabolic pathways and their respective components were identified and the discovery of the structure and function of DNA opened the door to the genetic age.
from science to technology: the start of modern biotechnology   The rapid increase in bioscientific knowledge and technologies and their respective protection through international patents paved the way to modern biotechnology.




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