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bioomeome / bioomeomics



saccharome / saccharomics

secretome / secretomics

separome / separomics

sepsisome / sepsisomics

sequenceome / sequenceomics

serome / seromics

sialome / sialomics

signalome / signalomics

somatonome / somatomomics

speciome / speciomics
totality of biological species
opens the door to a new dimension of X-omes and X-omics according to scientific classification (opportunitome)

(i.e. domestic dog)

  • domain
    • eukaryota (eukaryome / eukaryomics)
  • kingdom
    • Animalia (animalome / animalomics)
  • phylum
    • Chordata (chordatome / chordatomics; chordataome / chordataomics)
  • class
    Mammalia (mammalome / mammalomics)
  • order
    • Carnivora (carnivorome / carnivoromics)
  • family
    • Canidae (canidome / canidomics)
  • genus (generome / generomics)
    • Canis (caninome / caninomics)
  • species (speciome / speciomics)
    • Canis lupus
  • subspecies
    • Canis lupus familiaris

last but not least:

  • breeds (canibreedome / canibreedomics)

spliceome / spliceomics

stereome / stereomics

steroidome / steroidomics

strainome / strainomics
"A catalogue of molecular, physiological and symbiotic properties of soybean-nodulating rhizobial strains from different soybean cropping areas of China." PubMed

structome / structomics

structuralinteractome /structuralinteractomics

structuralmutatome / structuralmutatomics

subproteome / subproteomics

suffixome / suffixomics

supergenome / supergenomics

supragenome / supragenomics

surfaceome / surfaceomics

sweatome / sweatomics

systeome / systeomics


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