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bioomeome / bioomeomics


paleome / paleomics

pangenome / pangenomics

panome / panomics
"the interaction of all biological functions within a cell and with other body functions, combining data collected by targeted tests ... and global assays (such as genome sequencing) with other patient-specific information." (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

paranome / paranomics

parasitome / parasitomics

pathogenome / pathogenomics*

pathointeractome / pathointeractomics

patholome / patholomics

pathome / pathomics

patholome / patholomics

peptidome / peptidomics*

pharmacogenome / pharmacogenomics

pharmacome / pharmacomics

pharmacometabolome / pharmacometabolomics

pharmacomethylome / pharmacamethylomics

pharmacophylogenome / pharmacophylogenomics

pharmacoproteome / pharnacoproteomics

pharmanome / pharmanomics

phenome / phenomics

phosphatome / phosphatomics
totalility of phosphatases

phosphoproteome / phoshoproteomics

phylogenome / phylogenomics

phyloproteome / phyloproteomics

physiogenome / physiogenomics

physiognome / physiognomics

physiome / physiomics

physiononome / physiononomics

phytochemome / phytochemomics
"Phytochemomics and other omics for permitting health claims made on foods"
Food Research International (Nov. 2013)

phytogenome / phytogenomics*

phytome / phytomics

phytoproteome / phytoproteomics

"comparative hub for plant genome and gene family data and analysis" (Nucleid Acids Research)
not realy a member of the bioomeome

placebome /
study of genomic effects on placebo response
("Genetics and the placebo effect: the placebome")

plantome / plantomics
omics of plant sciences

pocketome / pocketomics

postgenome / postgenomics

posttranslatome / posttranslatomics

predictome / predictomics


predictome / predictomics

procariome / procariomics

progerome / progeromics

promoterome / promoteromics

promotome / promotomics

proteasome / proteasomics

proteininteractome / proteininteractomics

proteogenome / proteogenomics

proteome / proteomics

pseudogenome / pseudogenomics

pseudome / pseudomics
totality of proteins and genes of Pseudomonas bacteria

pseudoome / pseudoomics
totality of non-sensical x-omes

psychiatome / psychiatomics

pseuchogenome / psychogenomics

psychome / psychomics

psychonome / psychonomics

pulmome / pulmomics

pulmonome / pulmonomics


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