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bioomeome / bioomeomics



nanome / nanomics

NantOmics (TM)

totality of cellular nascent proteins

GEN: The Naturome Awaits the Nurturome

negatome / negatomics
"The Negatome is a collection of protein and domain (functional units of proteins) pairs that are unlikely to be engaged in direct physical interactions." (Mental indigestion / Jim Caryl)

netome / netomics
networkome / networkomics
totality of biological networks (The totality of fish nets in the

neurome / neuromics

neuropharmacogenome / neuropharmacogenomics

neuroproteome / neuroproteomics

nicotinome / nicotinomics
totality of nicotine derived molecules

noisome / noisomics

nonsenseome / nonsensomics
totality of non-sense mutated DNA
(alternative: totality of nonsense -omes or -omics)

noome / noomics
(sorry; these are no omes and no omics)

nosolome / nosolomics
totality of diseases (from greek 'nosos')
-omics missing
(loimosolome / loimosolomics
totality of epidemics (from greek 'loimos)

nucleome / nucleomics

GEN: The Naturome Awaits the Nurturome

nutragenome / nutragenomics

nutribiome / nutribiomics
totality of food-derived xenobiotics

nutrigenome / nutrigenomics

nutrimetabolome / nutrimetabolomics

nutrinome / nutrinomics


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