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bioomeome / bioomeomics



IBDome / IBDomics
"Integrating Omics: The Future of IBD?" (Digestive Diseases)

ignorome / ignoromics

immortalome / immortalomics

immunolome / immunolomics

immunome / immunomics*
subset of the proteome that reacts with the immune system

immunoproteome / immunoproteomics

imprintome / imprintomics

incidentalome /
set of detected genomic variants not related to the cancer under study (Wikipedia)
"The term stems from ‘incidentaloma', radiologists' slang for an asymptomatic tumour that shows up when doctors scan a patient for other complaints. The incidentalome describes the equivalent in human genome analyses: genetic information that no one was looking for." (Nature: Big biology: The 'omes puzzle)
the term was coined by Isaac Kohane

infectionome / infectionomics

infectome / infectomics

inflammasome /

informatome / informatomics

integrome / integromics

interacdome / interacdomics

interactome / interactomics

  • human interactome
  • animal interactome
  • bacterial interactome
  • plant interactome

"Interactome  is the whole set of molecular interaction pairs in cells. An interactome of a species provides an important clues on how to interpret metabolic pathways of constituent enzymes and global protein network, which facilitates in turn to understand the mechanism responsible for the cellular functions."
" Interactomics is the omics study of interaction network, especially in biology. Interactomics is a fusion science of biology, informatics, and engineering. It uses various experimental techniques to determine molecular and cellular level interactions to produce usually a large quantity of information. Bioinformatics is used to analyze the data and information to produce more meaningful information and knowledge." (BIO Wiki)

interfaceome / interfaceomics

interome / interomics

introme / intromics

intronome / intronomics

invariome / invariomics

ionome / ionomics


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