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bioomeome / bioomeomics


ecogenome/ ecogenomics

ecome / ecomics

ecotoxicogenomie / ecotoxicogenomics

eicosanome / eicosanomics
totality of eicosanoids in biological systems
"Eicosanomics: targeted lipidomics of eicosanoids in biological systems." (PubMed)

embryogenome / embryogenomics

- / embryonomics®

endosome / endosomics

envirome / enviromics

enzymome / enzymomics

epigenome / epigenomics

epitome / epitomics

equinome / equinomics

ethnogenome / ethnologenomics

ethome / ethomics

eukaryome / eukaryomics
totality of the members of eukaryote kingdoms

evolome / evolomics


exome / exomics
complete set of exons

exonome / exonomics

exosome / exosomics

exposome / exposomics
totality of human environmental exposures from conception onwards
coined by C. P. Wild: "Complementing the Genome with an "Exposome": The Outstanding Challenge of Environmental Exposure Measurement in Molecular Epidemiology"

expressome / expressomics


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