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bioomeome / bioomeomics



caninome / caninomics
all dog species and their genomic information

carbome / carbomics

cardiogenome / cardigenomics

cardiome / cardiomics*

cardioproteome / cardioproteomics

cellome / cellomics*
totality of the molecular complement of and their interactions within a cell

chaperome / chaperomics
totality of chaperones corresponding to the major classes of chaperones and co-chaperones

chemicallome / chemicallomics
whole set of chemicals (inorganic and organic)

chemogenome / chemogenomics

chemome / chemomics*

chemogenome / chemogenomics*

chemoproteome / chemoproteomics*

chloroplastome / chloroplastomics


CHOome / CHOomics

chromatinome / chromatinomics

chromonome / chromonomics

chromosome / chromosomics

chronome / chronomics

circadiome / Circadiomics
(CircadiOmics: Integrating Circadian Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics
V. Patel, K. Eckel Mahan, P. Sassone-Corsi, and P. Baldi
Nature Methods , 9 ,  (8) ,  772-773 ,  2012)

clinome / clinomics

complexome / complexomics

computome / computomics
all people computing in the fields of biology


connectome / connectomics

- / Constitutionomics

contactome / contactomics

- / crossomics

- / cryobionomics

cryptome / cryptomics

crystallome / crystallomics


cyanome / cyanomics

- / cytochromics

cytokinome / cytokinomics

cytome / cytomics*

cytosolosome / cytosolosomics



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