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bioomeome / bioomeomics



- / babelomics
"Babelomics is a suite of interconnected tools oriented to the functional annotation of genome-scale experiments."

bacteriome / bacteriomics

bacterome / bacteromics

badome / badomics
"totality of words someone has invented where they have added the ome suffix on to the word to try and capture some of the hype of genomics." (Jonathan Eisen)

behaviorome / behavioromics
behaviourome / behaviouromics

bibliome / bibliomics
totality of (bio)scientific literature

billiongenome / billiongenomics

binomenome / binomenomics
totality of named species according to the binomial nomenclature

bioelectrome / bioelectromics

biogenome / biogenomics™

bioinfome/ -

-/ bioinformics


biome / biomics
totality of ecological communities of organisms and environments (Coined in 1916!)


bioomeome / bioomeomics
totality of X-omes and X-omics in the life sciences


biostructurome / biostructuromics

biotextome / biotextomics

biotome / biotomics


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