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bioomeome / bioomeomics


acadenome / acadeomics

agrigenome / agrigenomics

agronome / agronomics

alignmentome / alignmentomics

alignome / alignomics

alleome / alleomics
totality of different allotypes or allelic protein variants

allergenome / allergenomics

allergome / allergomics

alternatome / alternatomics

androme / andromics

animalome / animalomics

aniome / aniomics

antibodyome / antibodyomics
complete set of antibodies
"Therapeutic antibodies, vaccines and antibodyomes"

antigerome / antigeromics

antigenome / antigenomics

antiome / antiomics
"totality of people opposed to the proliferation of omes" ("Science Tip" on twitter)

antivenome / antivenomics

aquagenome / aquagenomics

archeome / archeomics
all species of the kingdom of archaea

arenayom / arenayomics (RNAomics)

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