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life sciences dictionary

marine biotechnology application of scientific and engineering principles in the processig of marine organisms and materials therof to provide goods and services
messenger RNA single-stranded RNA molecule that acts as a template for the amino acid sequence of proteins
metabolome all small molecular weight molecules which are present in a cell in a particular physiological or developmental state
metabolomics multiparametric measurement of metabolites in (simple) cell systems
metabonomics multiparametric measurement of metabolites in biological systems including extracellular environments

Application of genomic analysis to uncultured microbial communities
community genomics
environmental genomics

micro RNAs small RNAs (about 22 nucleotides in length) that regulate the expression of complementary messenger RNAs

orderly arrangement of miniaturized test sites on a solid substrate that performs hundreds or thousands of tests simultaneously.

DNA microarray
protein microarray
tissue microarray

mitochondriome all proteins and ligands present in mitochondria
model organisms

extensively studied species which play a pivotal role in advancing understanding of numerous biological processes

molecular farming process of farming GE plants to produce commercially valuable molecules for medical (vaccines, drugs) or industrial use (raw materials)
molecular pharming process of farming GE animals to produce commercially valuable molecules for medical use






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