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gene ordered sequence of nucleotides (DNA) located at a specific position on a chromosome that encodes a specific fuctional product (i.e. a protein or RNA molecule)
gene silencing gene inactivation through suppression or interruption of the gene expression at transcriptional or translational levels
gene therapy approach to treat, cure, or ultimately prevent disease by replacing, manipulating, or supplementing nonfunctional genes through the use of recombinant DNA technology
genetics study of heredity
genome complete set of genetic material (DNA) of a particular organism
genomics study of genes and their function
genomics, comparative study of genetics by comparing (complete) genome sequences to understand basic principles of genome structures and functions
genomics, community >>> metagenomics
>>> metagenomics
study of the biological function of genes, their products and analysis of regulatory networks and pathways
systematic determination of macromolecular structures presented in a genome
glycome total carbohydrate complement of a cell, an organ or an organism under specific conditions and under a particular time
glycomics study of sugars, their role in biological processes and analysis of their expression patterns under specific conditions (glycobiology)






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