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life sciences dictionary

ecology study of the relationships between plants and animals (including humans) and their physical environment
electroporation process using high-voltage electric pulses to make cell membranes permeable to macromolecules. Electroporation (from the words electric and pore) allows for example the introduction of new DNA into cells (commonly used in recombinant DNA technology).
environmental biotechnology

use of microorganisms, plants or parts thereof for restoration and preservation of the environment (soil / land, aqueous systems and atmosphere).

epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms (e.g. methylation) other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.
episome portion of genetic material that can exist independent of the chromosomal material but is also able to integrate into the chromosome
exobiology >>>astrobiology
exon protein coding DNA sequence of a gene (see also intron)
exonome complete set of exons






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