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life sciences dictionary

biofuels renewable fuels produced from biological resources (biomass)
bioinformatics computational and algorithmic approaches to manage and process large amounts of biological data (information content and information flow in biological systems and processes). This includes for example prediction of protein structures, dynamic modeling of complex physiological systems, statistical treatment of quantitative traits in populations in order to determine the genetic basis for these traits.
  • total mass of living matter in a particular sample, population, or area
  • plant material, vegetation, or agricultural and animal waste used as a fuel or energy source

ecological community of organisms and environments (appears to be the first member of the, coined in 1916)

biomaterials modern materials from living tissues that have undergone extensive processing
synthetic or natural materials that are used in medical devices or in contact with biological systems
bionanotechnology > nanobiotechnology
biophysics science that applies the principles and methods of physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer modeling to the understanding of biological systems
bioprocess engineering   alteration or application of renewable materials to generate value-added products
biorefinery facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce bio-based products or energy
bioremediation use of (bioengineered) organisms or biological processess to degrade environmental contaminants into less toxic forms or to remove them.
> environmental biotechnology
biotechnology directory A biotech directory is an organized web site listing which is categorized by human reviewers
biotechnology park Science park with focus on biotechnology which provides high quality laboratory space and facilities, stimulates information and technology flow between its tenants and affiliates, facilitates spin-off processes of innovation-based new biotech companies and provides value-added services for the wealth of its community.
biotechnology portal A biotech portal is a site featuring a suite of commonly used services, such as search engines, directories, news services, forums, chats, online-shops, career centers and others. The biotech portal serves as starting point and frequent gateway to biotechnology information resources on the web. Biotechnology information portals cover nearly the whole range of biotechnological issues (horizontal portal) or can focus on specific niche topics (vertical or niche portal).






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