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life sciences abbreviations & acronyms

RA rheumatoid arthritis
RAP real-time array
RAPD random amplified polymorphic DNA
RDD rational drug design
rDNA recombinant DNA
RER rough endoplasmic reticulum
RF radio frequence
release factor
replicative form
RFLP restriction fragment length polymorphism
rh recombinant human
RIA radioimmunoassay
Ribozyme ribonucleic acid enzyme
RIMS research information management system
RIP ribosome-inactivating protein
RISC RNA-induced silencing complex
RNA ribonucleic acid
RNAi RNA interference
RNP ribonucleoprotein
RO reverse osmosis
ROS reactive oxygen species
repressor of silencing
rRNA ribosomal RNA
RTK receptor tyrosine kinase
RT-LAMP reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification
RUO research use only






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