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ArgosBiotech: Your Company Profile on GBCD


Please provide us with the following information about your company:

•  General information about your company including business address and contact information for general inquiries.

•  If you want to give your visitors more detailed information about your company please add information about ownership, founding year, number of employee etc.

•  Company Logo (approx.. 156 px wide)

•  Description of your company. Although the number a characters is not limited, we recommend a max. length of 250 characters to give your potential customers a short overview about your company.

•  Description of the products and/or services you are offering. Please focus on your primary product(s) and service(s) to stimulate customers' interests. We recommend a max. length of 250 characters.

•  If you are looking for new business opportunities or relationships (in- or out-licensing, cooperations, distribution partners etc.) provide us with a short description of your special interests

•  Featured links to special sites of your company to highlight special topics of your company (max. 5)

•  After visiting your company's homepage we will carefully select appropriate categories which we think will fit most to your company's profile. Please feel free to make your own suggestions (max. 5).

•  Featured links to your Social Media Sites

•  Search engine information:

  • Please list a few keyword phrases (2-3 words) which fit best to your company's business focus.

We use text phrases from your description to include it in the site's meta tags “description” (approx.. 200 characters) and “title” (approx.. 60 characters), please feel free to create your own meta tags.

•  We can add descriptive images (approx.. 156 px wide) or banners (LB 720 x 90 px, SC 120 x 600 px ) to your profile site (please provide us with the respective images (jpeg, gif or png) and links.

If you want to place your company profile on the Global Biotech Company Directory (GBCD) please download the word-document and send it filled out to without any obligation. We'll create your company profile and you will only be billed if you are satisfied with our service, no questions asked.

Please feel free to contact us for any information about the GBCD:
GBCD company profile




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