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defunct biotech / pharma companies: V

Varian, Inc. acquired by Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2009
Velcera, Inc. acquired by Perrigo Company plc 2013
Ventrex Laboratories, Inc. acquired by Hycor Biomedical, Inc. 1991
Ventrus Biosciences, Inc. merged Assembly Biosciences, Inc. 2014
Vicuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. acquired by Pfizer In. 2005
Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. bankrupt   2010
ViRexx Medical Corp. acuired by Paladin Labs Inc. 2008
Virium Pharmaceuticals Inc.


acuired by MacroChem Corporation 2008
ViroMed acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America 2001
Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals SA merged Akari Therapeutics plc. 2015




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