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defunct biotech / pharma companies: R

Ranbaxy Laboratories acquired by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 2014
Receptor Technologies renamed ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1997
Regado Biosciences, Inc. merged Tobira Therapeutics, Inc. 2015
Replidyne, Inc. acquired by Cardiovascular Systems Inc. 2008
Research Diagnostics, Inc.   acquired by Fitzgerald  
RespiVert Ltd. acquired by Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc 2010
Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. renamed Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. 2003
Roche Biomedical Laboratories   merged Laboratory Corporation of America 1995
Roehm GmbH renamed AB Enzymes 2001
Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc. acquired by Merck & Co. Inc 2001
Ruffié laboratories acquired
Bioffice 2001






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