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defunct biotech / pharma companies: I

Iconix Biosciences, Inc. acquired by Entelos, Inc. 2007
Iconix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. renamed Iconix Biosciences, Inc. 2006
Idec Pharmaceuticals mereged with Biogen Biogen IDEC 2003
IGI Laboratories, Inc. renamed Teligent, Inc. 2015
ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. acquired by Sycamore Films Inc. 2010
ImaRx Pharmaceutical Corp. renamed ImaRx Therapeutics, Inc. 1996
Immunicon Corp.   acquired by Veridex, LLC 2008
InNexus Biotechnology, Inc.. inactive    
Innovation Dynamics Pty Ltd      
Inocard GmbH acquired by Uniqure N.V. 2014
Insert Therapeutics, Inc merged Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2008
Intradigm Corporation merged Silence Therapeutics plc 2009
Invitrogen Corporation     Life Technologies Corporation 2008
IRIX Pharmaceuticals Inc.     Acino Holding 2002
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. renamed Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2015
Isolagen, Inc insolvent
Fibrocell Science, Inc. 2009
IVAX Diagnostics, Inc. renamed ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. 2012






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