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Global Biotech Company Directory

Global Biotech Company Directory

defunct biotech / pharma companies: C

Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      
California Stem Cell, Inc. acquired by NeoStem, Inc. 2014
CallistoGen AG acquired by The Genetics Company, Inc 2002
Cardi3 BioSciences renamed Celyad 2015
Cell Therapeutics, Inc. renamed CTI BioPharma Corp. 2014
Celladon Corporation merged Eiger BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. 2016
Cellular Genomics, Inc. renamed CGI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2005
Celsus Therapeutics plc merged Akari Theraputics plc 2015
Cequent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. merged with MDRNA, Inc 2010
Ceregene, Inc. acquired by Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. 2013
Cetus Madison Corporation renamed Agracetus 1984
CGI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. acquired by Gilead Sciences 2010
Ciba-Geigy merged Novartis 1996
CIMEX Pharma AG acquired by Acino 2004
Claymon laboratories acquired by Biomnis 1999
CoreLab Partners, Inc. merged with BioClinica 2013
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. acquired by Merck & Co. 2014
CuraGen Corp
acquired by Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. 2009
CV Therapeutics, Inc. acquired by Gilead, Inc. 2009
Cytogenesis, Inc. acquired by BresaGen Limited  
Cytoplex Biosciences, Inc.      




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