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  In Greek mythology Argos (or Argus), also called Panoptes (the all-seeing), was a many-eyed giant whose eyes were never all closed at once. Thanks to this ample equipment Argos was an excellent observer.
According to this ancient 'hero' we take a closer look at the developments of modern biotechnology worldwide.
Over the decades there was a tremendous increase in bioscientific information on the World Wide Web and it continues to grow at staggering rates. As an information-driven internet platform for the life sciences community, is focusing on all aspects and areas of modern biotechnology and related fields. acts as a gateway to worldwide biotech which opens up resources to the best free available biotechnology information.
  But the Web is not only a great information resource, the Internet is on its way to become the biggest market place on earth and the rapid developments of the Internet will change the way that firms do business.
  In order to support small and medium sized biotech enterprises in their online marketing activity we have developed special web services. To ensure a high quality of our services we are exclusively committed to serving the interests of the life sciences and biotechnology community.
  Due to the dynamic of the World Wide Web our sites are permanently under development. We invite you to participate. Your suggestions, comments and criticisms are welcome. Please contact us under:




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