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Overview about Biotechnology Portals

Definition: biotechnology portal
A biotech portal is a site featuring a suite of commonly used services, such as search engines, directories, news services, forums, chats, online-shops, career centers and others. The biotechnology portal serves as starting point and frequent gateway to biotechnology information resources on the web. Biotechnology information portals cover nearly the whole range of biotechnological issues (horizontal portal) or can focus on specific niche topics (vertical or niche portal).

source: biotechnology glossary

Overview about Biotechnology Directories

Definition: biotechnology directory
Biotech directories are organized web site listings which were categorized by human reviewers.

source: biotechnology glossary

Overview about Biotechnology News Sites

News, articles and reports from science, biotechnology, pharma and life sciences news sources around the net.

Overview bioethics and biotech education

Definition: biotethics
Bioethics is the study of moral issues in the fields of biomedical research and treatment.
The word "bioethics" was coined by the biochemist Van Rensselaer Potter (1911-2001) in 1970.













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