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Website focusing on patents, news and articles in the field of stem cell research.
Stem Cell Information
The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research.
EuroStemCell, supported by some of Europe's leading stem cell scientists, provides a broad spectrum of stem cell information: specialized content for researchers, accessible resources for non-scientists and award-winning films. Plus critical analysis of the latest developments in stem cell research.
Definition: Stem Cells
Undifferentiated progenitor cells with the unique potential to divide for indefinite periods (in culture) and to produce any kind of cell in the body
Stem Cells Portal
Stem Cells Portal is an interactive, multimedia resource, providing access to cell line databases, protocol databases, new technologies, discussion boards, blogs, new stem cell news and literature, calendars of meetings and events, newsletters, networking and job opportunities, and online access to the journal's peer reviewed stem cell and Regenerative Medicine literature. 
  Stem Cell List
Listing site for all areas related to stem cells.




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